Monday, July 2, 2012

Favorite place

Funny how I haven't blogged about my new apartment and I already proceeded to making a post about my study corner. By the way, this is my new blog (hi). I decided to delete my old and emo blogger and make a new one. I will reserve my tumblr exclusively for my artworks and photographs (and a little bit of reblogs and   gratuitous posts about myself).

Anyway, since I just moved from Katipunan to Krus Na Ligas (a much nearer place to my school), I have all the liberty to buy new stuff and revamp my study corner. Isn't that awesome? I think it's awesome. I actually feel like I'm all ~independent~ now that I'm the one buying my dorm stuff and paying for my broadband.

(L-R: my unnamed pink iPod, a nice little shelf for my files, a utility baby drawer, a box of tissue, and a container full of apples)

Since I just celebrated my 18th birthday, my dad decided to give me a new laptop as a gift.I felt ecstatic when I received it and it became such a great help to my film needs. I reckon I will be editing and rendering a lot of videos for the rest of the year so I'm really thankful that my laptop (which I affectionately call Abed) can handle all the work.

I bought a laptop skin from Punchdrunk Panda but it was a size bigger so I just decided to cut the lower portion for design.

This is probably one of my favorite splurges ever. I've always been a fan of monster doodles by Rob Cham so I immediately bought this one for Abed. Oh, and it's on sale too! 

My favorite things!

When I have nothing to do, I just read books or watch DVD. Since I'm too lazy to bring all of my books in my dorm, I decided to just bring One Day and The Little Prince with me. Reading One Day always makes me wanna cry and laugh at the same time. It's actually one of my favorite novels because it was not sappy and the humor was just spontaneous. The Little Prince is also one of my faves ever since I first read it (which was 5 years ago). It's endearing and the moment the prince vanished always make me cry inside. Haha. 

One of my New Academic Year's Resolution (I made this up) is to save at least 500 every week. Since I'm paying for my broadband connection in my dorm, I'm obligated to save every month. I also think saving could help me lose some of my weight. My weekly allowance is always spent in treating my friends or drinking milk tea so I guess saving could help me control my cravings.

My cute little study corner is actually not really helping me to study early because internet always gets in the way. Baaaah. Anyways, even though my new apartment isn't as lavish as my previous one, I feel more comfortable moving around because I live here alone and I can do anything I wanna do without embarrassing myself. Teeeheee.

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