Thursday, July 5, 2012


This is my first exercise for my Narrative Film class. We were asked to film 7 random clips and just put them together. A concrete narrative was not really necessary because my prof just wanted to see how we handle our cameras.

I had a hard time filming because I couldn't help but think of narratives as I walk around the campus. What should I film? Who or what are my subjects? So I just decided to wander around during my 5 hour free time and just shoot really random things. I called it isolation because my 1st week blues translated to my clips. The disconnection was quite apparent (long shots of people's backs, the 'fly on the wall' feel, and the absence of eyes).

It's soooo random and I'm not impressed with my camerawork here (SOBRANG PASMADO KO LANG SHET). I need improvement and probably should buy a tripod soon. 

P.S. I'll probably post all my ~prods~ here. Hope you don't get sick of them.

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