Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Geog Camp: An Album (Part I)

Photos by Kah Egwaras ;)

The best weekend ever. 

So I'm still having a hangover from our Geography Camp last Saturday and Sunday. It took place in MangoCamp Adventure & Leisure Farm in Zambales. It was a bit hidden and far but the weather was nice and it was a little closer to nature. It's an effing good thing it was postponed because of the storm last August because if it wasn't, I think I would have missed one of the best moments during my college life *maximumchos*

Knowing I have so many friends participating like Hamae, Joanne, Kah, Bernard, etc made me feel less nervous. I always thought I'm gonna have a hard time making new friends haha. 

We got all giggly when Sylvie took her polaroid out! Also, the Pavilion was really nice and cozy. The food was also superb. 

All of the participants were divided in four colors. I was a part of the green team a.k.a the winning team haha char. It's a good thing that all of us were friendly and kind, but I got really shy participating on some games (actually, almost all of the games hahahaha).

This is probably one of my favorite activities. We have to turn the mat we are standing on upside down without using our hands. 

OBSTACLE RELAY. Something that I always avoid during team building activities. Sorry. 

CONCENTRATION THINGY. You think it's all physics and stuff, but it's actually easier than we thought. 

ROPE THINGY. I got too afraid walking the line. I don't wanna be the one who falls to the water anyway.


SPIDER WEB. This is actually kind of tricky since the holes were so tiny to fit in without moving the strings. 
After the group activities, we were given time to freshen up and try some of the activities for free (wall climbing, PAINT EFFING BALL, ATV, and Airsoft). I was a bit sleepy so I just decided to stay inside our cottage which is, by the way, oh so big and so nice =)) 

Since it rained during the night, we just decided to stay at the Pavilion to play cards and wait for the rain to stop so we could go to the pool. It was actually my first time to swim in four years. FOUR YEARS. oh god. I think I've lost my life some where during those years. Anyway, I found myself wallowing in the warm pool of chlorine occasionally hugging Joanne and Hamae then listening to my classmates sharing scary ghost stories. 

After swimming some of us decided to hang out in the boys' room. They were so hospitable and friendly! We talked about lots of stuff, from RH Bill to the haunted Ikot jeep. I actually have no plans of sleeping but it started to creep up on me eventually. 

I woke up at 7 am dreaming about my lost phone which I actually forgot in another room last night. We don't have any activities to do in the morning so we were free to roam around and use the remaining activity stubs we have. My Geog classmates decided to play Paintball and again, it's my first time so I was excited as fuq. I guess I have to elaborate on that on another post because this post is dedicated to our (dun dun dun) beach experience!


Sam, Dianne and Moi 

Baywatch ang peg namin dito e. Joke lang. =))

I dunno why but I really like this pic of us ahah.

Kah  Egwaras! I love this girl. She's one of my first film buddies. She's being awesome in Interior Design now. :D



Even though we wish we could stay at the beach a little longer, we have to say good bye to Mango Camp and head back home. I actually accidentally bought some shells with me c/o of my undies lol. The beach experience was really nice and I've proven that I actually like being near the water! 

On the way home we stopped by Subic to roam around, eat lunch/dinner/linner?, and shop. My classmates decided that we should eat at Shakey's. There's a birthday party happening there as well and the kids were all wearing superhero hero costumes and IT'S SO FLUFFAY I'M GONNA DIE. 

Also, mojos (not in pic). Yum yum yum. 
My urge to buy stuff and waste my money got me so I bought myself a training shirt for my Floorball Saturdays (which I'm missing terribly right now). The way home was quite tiring but that didn't stop us from being noisy and clingy by going insane and taking pictures. Watching Underworld and listening to Maroon 5 were the cherries on top. 

I think I saw the end of the rainbow. WHERE'S YER GAD NOW. 

All in all, my Geog Camp experience was a blast. It's the best thing that ever happened that made me forget all the things that have been stressing me out lately. The best part is that I've found new friends that are both insane and awesome at the same time. If the camp was only a bit longer... 

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