Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Find of The Week: PINDIPPY

PinDippy is basically a web series of sorts created by the quirky muse of Jessie Cave, which we probably know for being Ron Weasley's overly attached girlfriend Lavender Brown.

I'm not really sure how I stumbled upon this, but I remember being nostalgic about Harry Potter by stalking the actors and trying to find out what they're now up to. And then this. Wow. I'm not really a follower of any web series aside from a colorful past of mine enjoying Annoying Orange and Hitler Rants Parodies.

Jessie Cave's videos are different in a way. First of all, she's so effing random and is probably the real life Luna Lovegood. She dresses quirky, makes copious amounts of doodles, and reads lots of books. But i really love how she isn't ashamed of being a geek. One of my favorite series of hers is the Flat Whites, which is about a group of half Tasmanian cousins who thoroughly enjoy coffee and sometimes argue about it. The Bookworm, on the other hand, is about her love for books especially Harry Potter.

Aside from her sketches, some of her vids also tackle the obstacles she's been going through in a comedic sense. There's this vid about a girl being told to look like a quintessential Hollywood vixen, her flaws were being pointed out to her, trying to make her something that she is not. Jessie's been there, along with her sister Bebe and some of her HP friends, to tell us that there is nothing wrong about being quirky as long as you're being yourself.

PinDippy's not only about videos and sketches, Jessie also designs and sells clothes! I would like to have a sweater please, if only I'm not living continents away from her.

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